A Brief History on New York Fashion Week

A Brief History on New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the most well-known and highly anticipated events in the fashion world. If you aren’t familiar, New York Fashion Week is held each year in February and September and showcases international fashion collections over a seven- to nine-day span. To learn about how this renowned event got started and how it developed into the major fashion phenomenon it is today, read this brief history of New York Fashion Week.

How it all began

New York Fashion Week began in 1943 after Germany occupied France during World War II. As fashion buyers and others in the industry were no longer able to travel to Paris—which was known as the fashion capital of the world—the fashion industry sought a new city to inspire fresh designs. Thus, New York Fashion Week was born.

The evolution of New York Fashion Week

Previously known as Press Week, the first New York Fashion Week was organized by Eleanor Lambert, an established publicist. The event provided fashion buyers an alternative to French fashion and gave emerging American designers the opportunity to showcase their work.

Due to the event’s immediate success, Press Week became a semiannual event where talented American designers presented the latest fashion trends. The shows continued through the late 1950s and eventually evolved into the event we know and love—New York Fashion Week.

For many years, New York Fashion Week was held in unconventional locations throughout the city such as night clubs, art galleries, and restaurants. However, by 1993, the event became more regulated and the CFDA—the group that organized NYFW—declared that all shows had to be held in tents at Bryant Park.

After a centralized location for the event was determined, its popularity skyrocketed, and it transformed into the global phenomenon it is today. In 2009, however, the event moved from its original location to Lincoln Center and throughout other venues New York.

New York Fashion Week today

Today, New York Fashion Week continues to showcase the latest trends in American design as well as styles from designers from all over the world. As the biannual event continues to attract fashionistas, celebrities, and influencers from across the globe, it remains one of the largest events in the fashion world.

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