Closet Organization Ideas: Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

Closet Organization Ideas: Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

If you’ve ever stared at a closet full of clothing and felt like you had nothing to wear, the issue could have to do with your closet’s organization. A poorly organized closet makes it hard to find the clothing articles you need to craft the perfect outfit. If you want to significantly cut back on the amount of time it takes you to plan your outfit for the day, roll up your sleeves and amp up your organization. Just imagine what it would be like to actually see everything in your closet without digging through mounds of clothing—to not have to go on daily search-and-rescue expeditions for your favorite garments, held hostage by the mess monster in your closet. With these closet organization tips that will help you organize your closet like a pro, that dream can become a reality.

Lay it all out

The first step to crafting an organized closet is to take everything out of it. That’s right, just take all your clothing out and splay it around your room, on your bed—anywhere except your closet. While doing so may make your room look like a tornado ran through it, it is a crucial step in the process. By completely emptying your closet, you can start with a fresh slate and get an accurate idea of the space you’re working with.

Let it go

It’s time for the hardest and most important step to organizing your closet like a pro: the purging stage. If your closet is packed to the brim with clothing, you won’t just have a hard time locating clothing items; you may also damage and distort your clothing. As such, it is important to sacrifice some of your excess clothing for the good of your wardrobe as a whole. Doing so will give your favorite clothing items more room to breathe and be seen.

For many, getting rid of old clothing can be a painful process due to the nostalgic sentiment clothing can hold. You may find yourself thinking, “I can’t get rid of that! I wore it to that amazing concert or first date or (insert any sentimental occasion here).” However, if you never wear it, there isn’t any point in letting it collect dust and take up precious closet space.

For articles that are really important to you that you can’t part with, consider packing them away into storage so at least they don’t clutter up your closet. But if you ask us, you’re better off just donating it to someone who will get some use out of it. Don’t worry—you’ll still have the memories.

Send seasonal items to storage

A great way to free up space in your closet without getting rid of a ton of clothing is rotating seasonal pieces in and out of storage. Bulky winter clothing serves no practical purpose in your closet when it is 90 degrees outside. Similarly, shorts won’t serve you well in the winter. As such, there is no reason for such items to take up precious closet space when the weather prevents them from being worn.

Each time a new season rolls around, consider packing up the previous season’s pieces and storing them in your attic, under your bed, or anywhere else you have spare room. Ideally, the place you store your clothing should be dark and dry to avoid damaging your clothing. While moist environments may cause mold or mildew to grow on your clothing, sunlight could cause its colors to fade.

To further protect the quality of your clothing while it is in storage, make sure to wash it before packing it up. Doing so will prevent any residue such as sweat, perfume, or dirt from settling into the clothing and causing stains.

Pick an organization method that works best for you

When it comes to how you organize your closet, there isn’t one ideal organization method to adhere to. The way you organize your closet will largely depend on your preferences and what makes the most practical sense to you. Examples of some of the most common ways to organize one’s closet include:

  • By color: If you find that color is a top consideration when putting an outfit together, it makes sense to organize your closet based on color. Simply group all clothing items of the same color. Doing so will give your closet a pleasing, aesthetically appealing appearance.
  • By clothing article: This organization method involves grouping clothing items together based on the type of garment it is. For example, all shirts are grouped, or all sweatshirts go in the same drawer. For optimal organization, you could separate clothing into sub-categories as well. Instead of just grouping shirts together, you could further separate them into t-shirts, blouses, and tank tops. The more you segment your clothing, the easier it will be to find the exact item you’re looking for.
  • By function: Organizing your clothing based on function involves separating the clothing by their intended use. For example, all athletic clothing may go in one area while all formal clothing goes in another.
  • By frequency of wear: Organizing your clothing by frequency of wear is a great option for people who find themselves always reaching for the same clothing items. Such people should consider organizing their closets so that their most-worn items are at eye-level and towards the front of their closet. Doing so will ensure their favorite pieces are easily accessible.

Think outside of the closet

For those with seriously limited closet space, it may be time to think outside the box—or closet, if you will. If you have a significant amount of clothing that you aren’t willing to part with, but it won’t fit comfortably inside your closet, consider getting a freestanding clothing rack. Clothing racks can be placed anywhere in your room and are a great place to keep your frequently worn items so they are easily accessible. Plus, clothing racks also provide the added perk of allowing your nicer clothing or accessories to serve as a sort of decoration in your room.

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