Considerations When Choosing a First Date Outfit

Considerations When Choosing a First Date Outfit

After landing a date, choosing the location, and planning the itinerary, the next big decision is choosing what to wear. While your dazzling personality should be the main focus on your date, your outfit can help you make a good first impression. As such, you’ll want to choose something that makes you feel confident and conveys your unique sense of style. Here are some considerations when choosing a first date outfit to keep in mind.

Where is your date taking place?

The location of your date should play a large role in the outfit you choose. If your date is taking place on a beach, heels aren’t the best idea. If your date is taking place at a fancy restaurant, you should probably opt out of wearing your lucky jeans. You get the idea—always tailor your outfit to your surroundings.

Do you feel comfortable?

You don’t want an uncomfortable outfit to distract you from making a connection with your date. While a sky-high pair of stiletto heels or a figure-hugging sequence dress may make you feel confident, they aren’t the most comfortable of clothing items. As such, you want to try to find something that is stylish without giving you painful blisters.

Do you feel confident?

How you feel in your clothes is more important than what you’re wearing. In addition to being physically comfortable in the outfit you choose, you should also feel confident. Try to find an outfit that complements your figure and highlights your unique style. We also suggest that you don’t choose anything too far out of your comfort zone, as doing so may make you feel self-conscious.

Does it fit well?

While your date may take your breath away, your outfit shouldn’t. Wearing clothing that is too tight can look unflattering in addition to being uncomfortable. You should also avoid choosing clothing that is too big if you don’t want to spend the whole night adjusting your outfit.

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