Different Types of Shoes You Should Have in Your Closet

Different Types of Shoes You Should Have in Your Closet

No matter how many shoes you own, any shoe collection will feel incomplete without a few key staples. In fact, you really only need a handful of essential shoes to provide you with the variety you need to look fashionable for any occasion. Essential shoes are ones that are classic, versatile, functional, and flattering. By including staple shoes in your closet, you’ll always have something to wear for any occasion—whether you’re hitting the beach or going out on the town. To ensure that you always have the perfect pair of shoes to complement any outfit, here are the different types of shoes you should have in your closet.

Ballet flats

It’s hard to think of an outfit that ballet flats can’t complete. If you have a formal event but hate the thought of spending the night wobbling around in heels, ballet flats are a great choice. Ballet flats can also be dressed down with a pair of jeans or shorts for a more casual outfit. These staple shoes are fashionable, functional, versatile, and effortlessly chic—what more could you want?

Ankle booties

Few shoes are more versatile than ankle booties. Though they are technically boots, ankle booties are one of the rare types of shoes that are suitable for any season. Pair them with a dress for a cute summer outfit or a pair of jeans for a winter ensemble.

Ankle booties are also appropriate for a wide variety of occasions. They are professional enough to wear to work while also being cute enough to wear on the weekend. Due to their versatility, these staple shoes will likely be a part of your regular rotation all year round.

Ankle booties are also comfortable and extremely flattering. By providing a bit of lift in the heel, they accentuate one’s legs while also stabilizing the ankle, which makes them easier to walk in, despite the added height.

Neutral pumps

When investing in a quality pair of heels, nude pumps are the way to go. For occasions where you want to make a statement, a neutral pair of pumps will complete any show-stopping outfit. Pumps are extremely flattering, as they help elongate your legs, and choosing a neutral color such as black or nude will ensure that they go well with any outfit. Essentially, pumps are the go-to footwear option when you want to feel powerful and look amazing.

Comfy sneakers

Everyone needs a pair of quality sneakers in their wardrobe. After all, what else would you wear with all your cute activewear attire? A comfy pair of sneakers are perfect for casual days when you’re just running errands or literally going for a run. Plus, comfort and functionality aren’t the only admirable qualities that sneakers possess. Choosing a pair of sneakers in a fun color or opting for a crisp white pair can make them a chic addition to your street style.

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