Essential Pieces You Need in Your Workout Wardrobe

Essential Pieces You Need in Your Workout Wardrobe

If you’re having trouble finding motivation to hit the gym, consider revamping your workout wardrobe. While working out can be challenging, it is often more fun when wearing an adorable outfit. To make a style statement on your next gym trip, consider sporting some of these essential pieces you need in your workout wardrobe.

Active leggings

Active leggings are tight and flexible so that you can move around freely without worrying about loose fabric getting in your way during your workout. Whether you’re going on a run outside in the cold or working up a sweat in a yoga studio, a pair of active leggings is essential in any workout wardrobe.

Yoga shorts

For the flexibility and comfort of active leggings without the added warmth, consider opting for yoga shorts or spandex. Yoga shorts are perfect for hot yoga or particularly strenuous aerobic exercises where keeping cool is crucial.

Supportive sports bra

A structured sports bra that provides full-coverage will help you stay comfortable while engaging in high-impact activities. When choosing a sports bra, look for ones that have a snug fit, a wide band, and straps to provide you with the support that you need. Cross back sports bras with lots of straps are particularly stylish and look incredible while peeking out beneath a workout tank top.

Athletic running shorts

Athletic running shorts aren’t just for jogging, they are also a great article to wear while doing any workout. Running shorts are notoriously comfortable due to their loose fit, which provides amazing air-flow to keep you cool as you break a sweat. To make a statement at the gym, consider choosing active running shorts with a fun color or geometric pattern.

Zip-up hoodie

Classic zip-up hoodies are a workout wardrobe essential. Not only do they keep you warm during chilly outdoor workout sessions, but they also keep you looking stylish as you head to and from the gym. Plus, their convenient zipper makes them easy to take off and on as you warm up throughout your workout.

To start crafting the perfect workout wardrobe, check out the many cute athletic wear options that Cozi Bear Boutique has to offer. You can find all the essential pieces that you need in your workout wardrobe listed above and more in our catalog to help you stay comfortable while getting fit.

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