Fashion Faux Pas Everyone Should Avoid

Fashion Faux Pas Everyone Should Avoid

The world of fashion is ever-changing and holds creativity and self-expression to the highest esteem. As such, we would never tell you what not to wear. With that said, we may advise you to steer clear of a few choices if you want your outfits to look their best—we’re looking at you food-stained shirts. Here are some of what we consider to be the top fashion faux pas everyone should avoid.

Wrinkled Garments

First on our list of common fashion blunders is wrinkled garments. An outfit that looks like you left it in the laundry hamper for too long rarely makes a positive style statement. To avoid looking disheveled, make sure to iron out any wrinkles before heading out the door. If you’re tight on time, using a steamer or some wrinkle-remover spray can provide a quick solution to your wrinkle woes.

Poorly Fitted Pieces

We get it—finding clothing that fits perfectly can be quite the challenge. However, clothing that is far too tight, large, or long doesn’t do much to flatter your beautiful figure. If you have a hard time finding clothing that fits your unique shape, consider having your clothing tailored to suit you better.

Stained Clothing

When your favorite piece gets a stain on it, you might be hesitant to part with it. However, we are sorry to say that food, sweat, and deodorant stains are very unlikely to ever come into style. While it may be difficult, you should probably just rip the band-aid off and get rid of the piece for the sake of your style.

Thin Leggings

One of the most embarrassing fashion mistakes that one can make is wearing leggings that are too thin. To avoid a revealing moment the next time you need to bend over or crouch down, make sure to purchase leggings made of quality, thick material. It’s also wise to do a quick check by stretching and moving around in front of a mirror before you go out to ensure that your leggings aren’t too sheer.

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