Helpful Tips on How To Style a Bralette

Helpful Tips on How To Style a Bralette

Bralettes weren’t made to remain hidden underneath layers of clothing. Beautiful lacey, crocheted, or intricately strappy bralettes deserve to be seen. That said, there is a fine line between showing off your bralette and simply looking like you forgot to put a shirt on that morning. To showcase your bralette in a way that looks both tasteful and intentional, follow these helpful tips on how to style a bralette.

Let Your Bralette’s Straps Peak Out Under a Tank Top

If your bralette has particularly pretty straps, consider letting them peak out by wearing a tank top. The thin straps of a tank will allow the straps of your bralette to show and add an extra element of intrigue to your outfit. 

Opt for a Low-Back Top

Some bralettes have stunning straps or beautiful lace detailing on the back. In such a case, you shouldn’t keep all that cuteness to yourself! Wearing a top that features an exposed back is the perfect way to show off your beautiful bralette. 

Pair Your Bralette With a Chic Jacket

For a bold look that really allows your bralette to shine, consider wearing it as a top under a chic jacket. The additional coverage of the jacket will help balance out the exposed skin on your midriff and keep your outfit looking classy. If this outfit still feels a little too risqué for your taste, we also suggest pairing the look with a high-waisted skirt or high-rise pants to provide more coverage.

Rock a Wide-Necked Top

Another helpful tip on how to style a bralette is to throw on a top that has a wide neckline. Similar to wearing a tank top, this option is great for bralettes that have beautiful straps that you want to show off. Due to the wider neckline, either one or both of the straps will likely peak out to add a flirty touch to your look.

Let It Show Under a Sheer Shirt

If you’ve been scratching your head about how to style that see-through shirt you bought on a whim, we have some great news—bralettes look incredible under a sheer shirt. The translucent fabric will allow you to display your bralette, while the bralette will provide the coverage you need under the sheer top. It’s a match made in heaven.

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