How Often You Should Replace Your Workout Clothes

How Often You Should Replace Your Workout Clothes

Workout clothes undergo more wear and tear and will likely need to be replaced more often than your regular attire. Even if you don’t really care what you look like at the gym—after all, you’re there to exercise—there is no denying that worn-out clothing can be distracting and uncomfortable. Having to pull up your worn-out leggings every ten seconds or deal with the pain of an unsupportive sports bra can put a serious damper on your workout. As such, it is a good idea to revamp your workout wardrobe occasionally. To determine just how often you should replace your workout clothing, continue reading.

When you should replace your running shoes

Wearing worn-out running shoes isn’t just uncomfortable—doing so often leads to blisters, injuries, and muscle imbalances. As such, it’s important to replace them regularly.

Like all exercise attire, the exact lifespan of your running shoes will depend on several factors such as their quality and how often you wear them. As a general rule, running shoes typically last anywhere from four months to a year. Once you notice a lack of arch support, worn-down or uneven treads, or experience any pain, it’s time to give your running shoes the boot.

When you should replace your sports bras

Wearing a worn-down sports bra is a recipe for pain when doing exercises that require running, jumping, or lifting. Sports bras have a similar lifespan to running shoes—roughly six months to a year, depending on quality and frequency of use.

It is often easy to tell when a sports bra needs to be replaced. For example, wearing two bras to the gym to get the support you need is a sure sign that you need a new one. Another indication that you need a new sports bra is if it starts riding up; this means the band is too stretched out. If you notice either of these signs or if your sports bra is starting to fray or fade, replace it with a new one.

When you should replace your spandex shorts or leggings

Nothing is more annoying than pulling up your shorts or pants every few seconds while trying to complete your workout. To avoid such distractions, it’s important to replace your spandex shorts and leggings regularly.

Generally, spandex bottoms will last around six to eight months when worn regularly. Signs that it’s time to replace your athletic leggings or shorts include loose or fraying seams, thinning fabric, or a loose waistband.

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