How to Create a Perfectly Layered Outfit

How to Create a Perfectly Layered Outfit

How to Create a Perfectly Layered Outfit

Layering is a great way to stay warm while also adding dimension to your outfits. If you live in a colder climate, layering your clothing isn’t just a great way to craft a chic ensemble—it’s a necessity. Learning how to create a perfectly layered outfit, however, can be challenging at first. At times, it can be difficult to find the right combination of warmth and style that doesn’t appear bulky and unflattering due to the extra fabric. For some helpful tips on how to layer your clothing like a pro, continue reading.

Use thin, fitted underlayers

The first layer of your ensemble should be thin and fitted. Choosing a fitted under-layer made of thin material will help keep you looking slim rather than bulky due to excess fabric. The purpose of this layer is simply to act as a base to trap heat.

Layer pieces with different lengths

If each top that you layer is the same exact length, your outfit can appear puffy and unflattering. As such, you should try to incorporate pieces with differing lengths. For example, pairing an extra-long layering shirt underneath a shorter sweater or vest can create a dynamic and attractive outfit without a bulky appearance.

Mix different colors and textures

The best-layered looks often include a nice blend of different colors and textures. A layered look that is all the same color or texture can end up appearing flat and uninteresting. By playing around with different textures and incorporating pops of color, you can craft a dynamic and intriguing look. Just make sure not to go too overboard. Keeping your look to two color families is typically the best way to go.

Include only one bulky item

In colder climates, including a bulky article of clothing such as a chunky sweater or oversized scarf is often necessary to keep you warm while you’re out in the elements. However, you should try not to include more than one bulky item in your outfit. Doing so may make you look more like a marshmallow than a fashion maven.

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