How To Mix and Match Patterned Clothing

How To Mix and Match Patterned Clothing

Many people are hesitant to wear more than one patterned piece in an outfit. Whether they are nervous that the outfit will look too busy or that the patterns will clash, people often avoid blending patterns at all costs. Doing so, however, greatly limits one’s style and impedes creativity. To take your style to the next level, it’s time to break the long-held notion that more than one patterned piece can’t be worn at a time. Continue reading for expert tips on how to mix and match patterned clothing like a pro.

Start With Stripes

If you’re new to pattern mixing, it’s a good idea to start with stripes. Stripes are essentially the neutral of the pattern world--almost everyone has them in their closet and they can be paired with pretty much anything. As such, they serve as the perfect starting point for trying out a multi-patterned look. 

To start mixing and matching different patterns, simply pull out your favorite striped piece and pair it with any additional patterned article of your choice. It’s hard to go wrong here. Whether you want to pair your stripes with florals, polka dots, or gingham, your outfit will likely look intentional and bold rather than overstated due to the classic, neutral look of the stripes.

If you’re hesitant to mix two patterned clothing articles together, you can always ease your way into pattern mixing by selecting a striped shirt or dress and pairing it with a small patterned accessory such as a clutch.

Choose Patterns in the Same Color Scheme

An effective way to mix and match different patterns together without creating an outfit that looks too busy is by selecting patterns that are in the same color scheme. While pairing a red polka dot blouse with a blue plaid skirt may come off as a little noisy and overdone, sticking to a single color family can quickly resolve the issue.

To make your look appear more intentional, try to stick to either warm or cool colors. Opting for shades in the same color scheme will help unite the differing patterns and create a chique, intriguing outfit.

Multicolor and Monochrome

If your printed piece features a variety of different colors such as a multi-colored floral skirt, sticking to a single color scheme may not be an option. In such a case, a great way to help mix different patterns together in a way that looks purposeful is by choosing a solid colored patterned piece in the same color as one of the different colors on the multicolored piece.

For example, if your floral skirt features blues, pinks, and purples, choose one of those colors to emphasize. Then select a monochromatic patterned piece in that color. In doing so, the two patterns that you choose will be tied together by the shared color which will help create a cohesive look.

Go for a Peekaboo Print

A subtle way to blend different prints together is to incorporate a peekaboo print into your outfit. By peekaboo print, we are referring to selecting a printed article to hide under and slightly pop out under another article.

For example, you could layer a neutral sweater under a striped button-down shirt so that the collar of the shirt and the bottoms of the sleeves peek out. Or, for an extremely subtle blended pattern look, you could opt for a pair of gingham socks that poke out over your shoes.

Either way, playing with peekaboo prints is a great way to subtly incorporate multiple printed pieces into an outfit without the patterns being too distracting or overpowering the rest of the look. Instead, they serve as fun accents that enhance the outfit’s overall intrigue.

Use a Solid Article To Break Up the Patterns

Pairing one pattern right next to another can sometimes create a clashing effect. To help tie the pieces together in a way that appears deliberate, consider implementing a solid article in between the two patterns.

For example, if you want to wear a patterned top with a skirt in a different pattern, consider using a chunky, solid-colored belt to break them up. Or if you want to wear patterned shoes with a patterned blazer, wear a pair of solid pants. Having a solid colored piece in between two patterned articles helps break them up and creates a seamless transition between the contrasting pieces.

Choose Prints With Differing Scales

Another tip on how to mix and match patterned clothing like a pro is by choosing prints with differing scales. In other words, consider choosing one print that is large and bold and another that is small and subdued.

While pairing two large prints together often makes an outfit look busy, pairing one bold print with a smaller scaled print almost always creates an aesthetically pleasing combination. The dramatically different scales will help prevent the prints from clashing while still creating an eye-catching and intriguing contrast.

Pair Two of the Same Prints With Inverted Colors

If there is a particular print that you enjoy wearing, such as snake print or florals, don’t be afraid to pair two pieces with the same print in a single outfit. To do so while creating a look that appears tasteful rather than redundant, consider opting for two similar prints with inverted or contrasting color schemes. For example, if you have a navy skirt with pink flowers, consider pairing it with a pink top with navy flowers. Inverting the color scheme of the similar patterns creates an intentional look that allows you to successfully pull off wearing two articles with the same print at once.

Now that you know how to mix and match patterned clothing like a pro, it’s time to start adding more patterned pieces to your wardrobe. To help you out, Cozi Bear Boutique offers a wide variety of adorable patterned styles that are hand-picked by our fashion experts – from fun patterned legging to striped and floral boutique tunic tops. To start incorporating more patterned clothing articles into your outfits, shop Cozi Bear Boutique’s trendy collection of well-priced pieces today.

How To Mix and Match Patterned Clothing

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