How To Pull off Clashing Colors

How To Pull off Clashing Colors

One of the oldest fashion rules in the book is to never wear colors that clash. Well, we’re here to break all the fashion rules. Clashing colors typically refer to colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel, such as yellow and violet or blue and orange. However, clashing colors can also refer to other combinations such as navy and black or pink and red. While wearing clashing colors may sound like a classic fashion faux pas, there are many ways to sport clashing shades that are tasteful and chic. For tips on how to pull off clashing colors, continue reading.

Stick to Similar Undertones

The key to making clashing colors work is to opt for colors with similar undertones. Regardless of the color you choose, if they have a similar undertone, they will likely work well together.

For example, if you wear a purple shirt with a warm undertone and a yellow skirt with a warm undertone, the colors will typically suit each other nicely, despite the fact that they are “clashing” colors.

However, if you pair a cool-toned purple shirt with a warm-toned yellow, the look might fall a little flat. As such, it is best to stick to colors with similar undertones when attempting to sport clashing shades.

Go Bright

When playing with clashing colors, it’s best to go bright or go home. Pairing two muted colors with clashing shades can often look dull and unintentional. If you want to take on the challenge of wearing clashing colors, it’s best to be loud and proud. For example, wearing a bright blue blazer with a vibrant orange clutch will likely look deliberate, bold, and highly chic. 

Opt for Solids

Another helpful tip on how to pull off clashing colors is to choose solid-colored articles. When creating an outfit that features contrasting colors, it is often a good idea to make the colors the focus of the outfit. Adding in a bold print or pattern will compete for attention with the contrasting colors. As a result, the look can often appear overly busy and lacking in direction. As such, if you are considering sporting clashing colors, it is best to start by opting for solid-colored pieces. 

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