How to Stay Warm While Wearing a Skirt

How to Stay Warm While Wearing a Skirt

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean that your skirts have to hibernate in the back of your closet until spring rolls around. There are many fashionable ways to style a skirt during the winter that also allow you to stay warm. For tips on how to stay warm while wearing a skirt, continue reading.

Go long

While you can wear shorter skirts during the winter and still stay warm, longer skirts are ideal for optimal warmth. As such, you should seek out mid-length or maxi skirts—the longer the better. In addition to looking stylish, you also get to essentially wear a warm blanket around your waist wherever you go.

Slide on a pair of knee socks

Whether they remain hidden under a long skirt or make a statement when paired with a shorter skirt, knee socks are great for keeping your calves warm as the temperature drops. Popular high sock styles include cable knit, diamond knit, and chevron.

Wear tights or leggings

Layers are your best friend when it comes to staying warm while wearing a skirt in the winter. A thick pair of tights or leggings will cover any exposed skin on your legs without distracting from your skirt’s fun shape. Depending on your style, you can keep your outfit more low-key with neutral tights or go bold by accentuating your skirt with patterned tights in a bright color.

Choose skirts with thick material

Flowey skirts made of chiffon and thin cotton may be comfortable during the summer, but when it comes to staying warm, they aren’t ideal. As such, you should opt for skirts made of thicker material, such as wool, corduroy, or denim. Such materials will do a better job trapping heat; that way, you stay nice and toasty.

Wear tall boots

Knee-high or thigh-high boots look adorable when paired with a shorter skirt while also keeping your legs warm. For additional warmth and style, consider having a cute pair of leg warmers or high socks peek out over the top of your boots.

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