How To Transition From Your Winter To Spring Wardrobe

How To Transition From Your Winter To Spring Wardrobe

The snow is finally starting to melt and blossoming flowers are on the horizon as spring rapidly approaches. Ah, spring. It’s the season of new beginnings—which includes your wardrobe. As we enter into a new season, it’s important to give your closet a bit of an update to suit the style and weather of spring. However, you don’t have to completely overhaul your winter wardrobe. Many of your favorite cold-weather clothing articles can be adapted with the addition of a few key pieces. To learn how to transition from your winter to spring wardrobe, consult our helpful guide. 

Swap Boots for Flats

A heavy pair of winter boots will begin to look a bit out of place in the springtime. To adjust to the warmer weather, consider swapping your go-to boots for a nice pair of flats. Some classic styles of flats to consider sporting this spring include:

  • Oxfords: If you want to look like you spend your days studying English literature at a prep school in England, Oxfords are the shoe for you. This traditional British dress shoe features closed lacing—the shoelaces are sewn under the front part of the shoe known as the vamp—and is typically made out of suede, canvas, or faux or genuine leather or patent leather.
  • Ballet Flats: Aptly named, ballerina flats resemble the appearance of a ballerina’s pointe shoe. They have a flat heel and a closed toe that’s either rounded or pointed. Because ballet flats leave the top of the foot exposed, you may want to save this shoe for warmer spring days. 
  • Loafers: Those that live a fast-paced lifestyle or simply enjoy an effortless footwear option—who doesn’t?—will love loafers. This slip-on shoe features a low-cut, laceless design with a broad, flat heel. Despite being extremely comfortable, loafers typically lend a polished and put-together appearance to any outfit. 
  • Espadrilles: On warmer spring days, Espadrilles are a great flat footwear option. This casual warm-weather shoe typically features a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a sole made of plaited esparto rope.
  • Mules: Mules are another slip-on shoe option great for spring. They typically feature a closed toe and have an open back without a constraint.

Incorporate Pops of Color

During the winter, many people tend to wear more neutral or subdued shades. Spring, however, is the season of new life. To represent that rebirth in your wardrobe, consider incorporating pops of color. Pastel shades such as lavender, pale yellow, robin’s egg blue, or mint are particularly suited to spring. Keep in mind that you don’t need to go all out and replace all of your clothing articles with pieces in pastel hues. Simply adding a bag or a pair of flats in a bright pastel shade will give your outfit that unmistakably fresh air of spring. 

Layer Heavy Pieces Over Lighter Fabrics

During winter, you likely grew very fond of comfy, chunky, sweaters and heavy jackets to keep you warm. As the snow begins to melt, however, it’s time to transition into wearing lighter, more airy fabrics. Classic springtime fabrics include crepe, charmeuse, organza, and linen. 

That being said, spring weather can still be a bit chilly. As such, you may find yourself continuing to reach for some heavier knit pieces. We don’t blame you! In fact, layering such heavier pieces over a dress or shirt in a lighter fabric is a great way to make the transition from winter to spring comfortably.

Start Incorporating Prints and Patterns

Like pastels, the spring season is when printed and patterned pieces really thrive. To make your winter wardrobe look better suited to the season of rebirth, consider incorporating a few printed accessories or articles of clothing into your ensemble. Of course, a classic floral print with blossoming flowers is one of the most iconic springtime prints. However, there are many other patterns that can help you embody the vibe of the season in your outfits. Stripes, watercolor prints, polka dots, and checkered pieces are just a few of the many different types of prints and patterns to consider rocking during this spring season.

Cuff Your Jeans

Transition any pair of jeans into a chic pair of capris by simply cuffing them at the bottom. Folding the hem of your pants up a couple of times so they end above your ankle rather than above your heel is an easy way to give an outfit more of a springtime vibe. Plus, cuffing your pants can also give a more polished appearance to a more casual look and will help show off your shoes.

Replace Your Winter Coat With a Denim Jacket

As temperatures start to increase, you probably won’t require a heavy winter jacket anymore to keep you warm. As such, consider swapping out your parka for a quality jean jacket. Denim jackets are a classic springtime staple. While their heavy fabric will help keep you warm on chilly spring days, they don’t have the overwhelming bulkiness of a puffy winter coat. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile—whether you want to pair them with a casual graphic T-shirt or a flirty floral dress, a jean jacket makes for the perfect layering piece.

Pair Long Sleeve Shirts Under Dresses

If you’re eager to start breaking out fun and flouncy springtime dresses but the weather is still too cold, consider laying some of your winter long sleeve shirts underneath them. A button-down shirt or thin sweater looks amazing paired under a sleeveless or short sleeve dress and provides the extra warmth you need to bridge the transition between winter and spring.

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How To Transition From Your Winter To Spring Wardrobe

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