How to Walk Like A Runway Model

How to Walk Like A Runway Model

You don’t need to be a runway model to walk like one. Learning how to walk like a runway model can help you feel more confident, prepare you for your senior fashion show, and improve your Instagram game to boot. However, perfecting your runway strut isn’t a walk in the park. Achieving a casual yet powerful runway walk is a feat more difficult than it looks and takes a good amount of practice. To learn how to walk like a runway model, follow our tips.

Maintain a straight yet casual posture

Good posture is extremely important when it comes to perfecting your runway walk. To exemplify the stature of a runway model, stand up tall and try to imagine a straight line traveling from the bottom of your spine to your head. However, try not to look too stiff. Keep your shoulders relaxed.

Pretend you’re on a tight rope

A good trick to ace your runway walk is to pretend you’re walking on a tight rope. Try to place one foot directly in front of the other as you walk and keep your toes pointed forward. Doing so will cause your hips to sway naturally and help you embody the confident strut of a runway model. In addition, you should avoid looking down and keep your eyes focused straight ahead.

Swing your arms naturally

While walking, try to find a balance between swinging your arms too much and walking like a robot. Your arms should hang by your sides and swing naturally while your hands relax.

Relax your facial expression

Perfecting your model walk isn’t just about how your body moves, it’s also important to consider your facial expression. Avoid clenching your jaw because doing so could make you look tense or angry. Instead, don’t let your teeth touch and try to maintain a relaxed expression.

Set a steady pace

Another key aspect of any runway walk is the pace. Walking too fast is a rookie mistake, and it will make you appear nervous or hasty. You should also avoid walking too slow. Try to find a moderate, consistent pace and walk with long, even strides.

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