How To Wear a Pair of Bermuda Shorts

How To Wear a Pair of Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are one of those fashion trends that continues circling back every couple of decades or so. If you’ve missed these shorts since they last made their way into the mainstream fashion world in the ’80s and then again in the 2000s, you’re in luck. Bermuda shorts are officially back in style and better than ever. It’s been a while since these bottoms have been in the spotlight, so you may need a little assistance on learning how to style them. Say no more! Here are some of our best tips on how to wear a pair of bermuda shorts.

Seek To Create Balance

Composing a well-crafted outfit is all about balance. Generally, bermuda shorts either have a loose, almost billowy fit or hug tightly to one’s legs. Depending on which style of shorts you go with, seek to balance out the look by choosing a top with the opposite fit. For example, if you opt for looser bermuda shorts, a more form-fitted top will prevent your outfit from looking shapeless and unstructured.

Opt for Some Lift

Another tip for wearing a pair of bermuda shorts is to opt for some lift in the footwear department. While bermuda shorts can be incredibly stylish, they also have the unfortunate habit of making one’s legs look shorter. Because they end just above the knee, bermuda shorts typically have a shortening effect, which isn’t ideal for those who like to show off or elongate their legs. To counteract this impact, consider throwing on a pair of heels. Even a simple pair of sandals with a slight heel can provide that extra bit of lift you need to visually lengthen your legs.

Tuck in Your Top

Remember what we said about bermuda shorts making your legs look shorter? Another way to counteract the shortening effect that bermuda shorts can have is to tuck in your top. By defining your waistline, tucking in your top can make your upper body appear shorter and your legs appear longer. If you’re not a fan of the way that a fully tucked-in shirt looks, consider opting for a half-tuck or a French tuck instead.

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