Key Features of a Perfect Fitting Bra

Key Features of a Perfect Fitting Bra

Many people unknowingly wear a bra that doesn’t fit them well. An ill-fitting bra can be uncomfortable and may lead to back pain, chest pain, skin irritation, and damage such as stretch marks. A bra that fits properly, on the other hand, can help improve one’s posture, boost one’s confidence, and make it easier to live an active life. As such, it is important to find a bra that fits well. The next time you go shopping for a new bra, keep these key features of a perfectly fitting bra in mind.

The bra stays in place

If a bra fits perfectly, it should stay in place even as you move around. When trying on a bra, try leaning over, raising your arms, and moving around. While doing so, the cups and straps of your bra should stay in place. If you find the need to adjust your bra after moving, it isn’t the right fit.

There aren’t any gaps in the cups

A perfectly fitting bra shouldn’t have any gaps or extra space in the cups. When trying on a bra, try sitting, standing, and bending over. If gaps form between the cups and your chest while you do so, try adjusting the straps and going through the different positions again. If there are still gaps after altering the straps, you may need to opt for a smaller size.

The band is tight enough when fastened on the last hooks

A bra with the proper band size should be able to be worn on the last or second to last hook. Because our ribcages often expand while we are seated, try sitting down while wearing the bra on the last hook. If it feels too tight, opt for a bra with a larger band. However, if the band is too loose and needs to be tightened, you may need a smaller band. Choosing a band that fits comfortably on the tightest hook won’t allow you to tighten it as the band naturally stretches out over time.

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