Statement Pieces That Are Essential for Your Wardrobe

Statement Pieces That Are Essential for Your Wardrobe

While simple, versatile pieces play an essential role in any wardrobe, composing your closet entirely of basics can cause your style to be a bit, well, basic. To add some oomph to your outfits, try incorporating a few statement pieces now and then. Statement pieces are bold, eye-catching accessories or clothing items that have the potential to completely transform an outfit and give it the extra boost it needs to go from good to great. Here are some statement pieces that are essential for your wardrobe.

A pair of bold heels

Instead of opting for your classic pair of black or nude heels, consider trying something a bit bolder. Stepping out in a pair of heels in a striking color such as hot pink, lime green, or cobalt blue is a great way to jazz up your little black dress ensemble. If you’re not interested in adding a pop of color to your look, you could also consider choosing a pair of heels in an animal print or another eye-catching pattern.

An over- or under-sized scarf

Accessorizing with a quality scarf is a surefire way to add intrigue to your outfit. When the weather is cold, wearing an over-sized blanket scarf serves the double purpose of turning heads while also keeping you warm. To make a statement with scarves during the summer without sweltering in the heat, opt for a small, square neck scarf made of silk or cotton for a chic, elegant look instead.

An eye-catching clutch

Another statement piece that is essential for your wardrobe is an eye-catching clutch. Consider carrying a clutch that incorporates fun textural elements, such a faux fur, feathers, or studs. Or perhaps you’d prefer one that’s oversized, brightly colored, or uniquely shaped. There are so many options for making a statement with clutches that you’re sure to find a way that suits your unique style.

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