The Basics of Bohemian Chic Style

The Basics of Bohemian Chic Style

The bohemian chic look is one of those aesthetics that rises to prominence and then never really goes away. Taking elements from bohemian and hippie fashion trends of the ’60s and ’70s, the bohemian chic style has remained a prominent style of dressing to this day. Those who adopt the look appear natural and effortless—you know, that running-through-a-field-and-making-flower-crowns vibe—yet somehow polished and intentional at the same time. It’s the look of free spirits and fashionistas alike. To emulate the bohemian chic style in all its whimsical glory, check out these basics of bohemian chic style.

Let It Flow

Bohemian chic looks typically feature light, flowy fabrics rather than heavy, structured pieces. While those who adhere to the bohemian chic look may include the occasional structured element in their outfit—such as a suede jacket or perhaps a wide-brimmed hat—the majority of the ensemble generally consists of free-flowing pieces to create a more whimsical appearance. As such, you should consider wearing looser clothing items, such as maxi skirts and dresses, flowy boho shorts, tunic tops, and other unrestrictive pieces.

Layer Up

Another key element of the bohemian chic style is layering. Bohemian chic outfits often have a lot of depth and intrigue to them, thanks to the variety of layers that they include. If you’re putting together an outfit and want to look more boho, simply add a vest, long cardigan, jacket, or even just a variety of stacked bracelets to complete your look.

Live Your Life in Color

The bohemian chic style is anything but neutral. While more subdued shades such as tans, creams, and browns definitely have a place in a bohemian chic wardrobe, they often sit alongside more brightly colored pieces. As such, you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace bold shades such as turquoise, cherry red, canary yellow, emerald green, and other vibrant hues.

Play With Patterns

Playing with patterns is another one of the basics of the bohemian chic style. Bohemian chic outfits often feature bold, attention-grabbing patterns—from classic florals to geometric designs. When creating an outfit, don’t feel like you have to stick to one pattern. While it can take some practice, mixing and matching multiple patterned pieces in one outfit is a classic boho chic move.

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