The Best Ways to Stretch Your Jeans When They Get Too Tight

The Best Ways to Stretch Your Jeans When They Get Too Tight

Nothing is more frustrating than having your favorite pair of jeans shrink in the wash. But don’t give up hope. There may be a way to get your jeans to fit like a glove again. Before you throw your shrunken jeans in the donation pile, try stretching them back out. Here are some of the best ways to stretch your jeans when they get too tight.

Spray and stretch

When it comes to stretching out shrunken jeans, the spray and stretch is the oldest trick in the book—and one of the most effective. All you must do is spray your jeans with lukewarm water until they are damp and stretch them out manually with your hands. It’s simple, but effective.

The water will help soften the denim, which will make it easier to stretch out. Make sure to pull your jeans in a variety of different directions to get an even stretch. Standing on your jeans near the area you want to stretch will help hold them in place.

We suggest starting at the waist and working your way down, applying more water to the area you’re stretching as you go. To make your jeans even easier stretch, you can consider adding a small amount of liquid fabric softener to your bottle of lukewarm water. When you’re done stretching them out, make sure to let them air dry as putting them back in the dryer could cause them to shrink back up.

Heat your jeans up and put them on

Another effective method for stretching out your jeans is by heating them up and putting them on immediately after. To do so, simply lay your jeans out on a flat surface and use a hair dryer or iron to warm them up. Then, slide them on while they are still warm. Simply wearing them while they are warm will help stretch them out and form to your body better. However, if you want to stretch them even more, you could consider doing some squats to loosen them out in the thigh, crotch, or butt region. Just make sure to squat slowly to prevent them from tearing.

Wear them damp

While it may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, wearing your wet jeans will help them stretch out. As previously stated, getting your jeans damp will make them softer and easier to stretch. As such, getting your jeans wet before putting them on can help them stretch in the exact areas you need them to and mold to your body. Make sure to move around while wearing your jeans to help them get the best stretch possible. Ideally, you should let them dry on you for around half an hour for ideal results.

If you try out these ways to stretch out your jeans when they get too tight and they still aren’t fitting properly, it may be time to purchase a new pair. Fortunately, Cozi Bear Boutique offers a wide variety of affordable jean options in several different styles and colors so you’re sure to find one you love. In addition to jeans, we also sell fitted tops, athletic wear, dresses, and other clothing staples. To start crafting your dream wardrobe, shop Cozi Bear Boutique today.

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