The Biggest Fashion Trends for Fall 2020

The Biggest Fashion Trends for Fall 2020

If you’re wondering what to wear this fall, the answer is simple—look to the runways. We’ve compiled a fall 2020 fashion forecast based on the hottest looks featured at this year’s most prominent runway shows.

Taking inspiration from New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion shows, we’ve narrowed down the many different looks that have appeared on the runway to a select few that are most likely to become the most influential this Fall. These fashionable trends include fringe and flesh tones as well as a few more unexpected choices such as bright colored suits and even opera-length gloves. Despite the wide range of styles, the overall theme for fall 2020 fashion appears to be fun. After a whirlwind year, we couldn’t agree more that it’s time to enjoy and play around with fashion again. To help you get started, here are some of the biggest fashion trends for fall 2020 that you can expect to see emerging as the seasons change.

Bold and bright suits

As we said before, 2020 fall fashion appears to be all about fun. Therefore, a bold and bright suit couldn’t be more fitting. Gone are the days of neutral black or tan suits. This fall, consider being a bit more adventurous with your work attire and try on an eye-catching bright red, fuchsia, deep saffron, or azure blue suit. Paired with a bold clutch or a cute pair of heels, these suits make a statement amidst a sea of traditional corporate attire.

Colored leather

Another bright and beautiful trend that you can expect to see in fall 2020 is colored leather. Leatherwear is a classic fall trend that we’re pretty sure will never fail to re-emerge as the weather cools down. This season, however, this versatile fashion staple is getting an exciting makeover with the emergence of more colorful styles that won’t just keep you warm but will also spice up your wardrobe. Inspired by creations from influential designers such as Saint Laurent, Sally LaPointe, and Coach, leathers in bold hues such as royal blue and ultraviolet are likely to emerge on the fashion scene in the coming season.

Opera-length gloves

A more unexpected style that you may see popping up all over your Instagram feed this fall is opera-length gloves. While formal gloves haven’t been widely popular since the 1960s, they appear to be making a comeback if the runways of Marc Jacobs or The Row are any indicators. In the past, opera-length gloves have been primarily sported at highly formal events. In the fall of 2020, however, we expect these gloves to add a touch of elegance to everyday wear when paired with a sleeveless dress or suit jacket.

Equestrian attire

Fall 2020 is the time for horse girls to shine. Posh equestrian-inspired looks are likely to become widely popular in the coming months—think sleek knee-high riding boots, double-breasted riding coats, and even equestrian caps. Such equestrian-themed garments made a splash on the runways of Chanel, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch. To steal this runway look, consider pairing your riding boots with trousers or opt for a fitted suit (maybe a bright colored one?) if you’re willing to be a bit more daring.


Fringe is taking on a more polished aesthetic in the fall of 2020. While fringe has consistently been a staple in bohemian and cowboy-inspired attire, it is now branching out and becoming incorporated into other styles. From tasseled teddy coats at Bottega Veneta shows and wool dresses with chunky cords from Paco Rabanne, to office skirts with carwash fringe in Christian Dior collections, there is no limit to fringe’s reach. If you’re ever wondering whether to add a touch of fringe to your outfit this fall, we can safely say that the answer should always be yes.

Puff shoulder

Bulbous sleeves that convey regality and power should be on your radar in the fall of 2020. Blouses and dresses featuring voluminous rounded shoulders that taper at the arm have been spotted on the runways of Christopher John Rogers and Isabel Marant. Unlike your typical puffed sleeve, this modern take on fairytale fashion adds structure to a traditionally soft and feminine style. For a sleek, glamorous, and royal look, opt for a puff shoulder this fall.

Chunky chains

Let’s talk about accessories. If you’re wondering how to accentuate the fall 2020 clothing trends on this list, the answer is chains. Specifically, chunky ones. Oversized chains in the form of jewelry, belts, or unique handbag straps will undoubtedly be one of the biggest fashion trends for fall 2020. When choosing a chain, we suggest opting for a weighty yet polished option rather than something more rugged, as was trending last season. Whether you prefer gold or silver, you can’t go wrong by incorporating a classic chunky chain into your accessory rotation this Fall.

Flesh tones

If you’re not interested in jumping on the bright and bold color trends which are likely to emerge on the style scene this fall, don’t worry. In addition to vivid colors, neutral flesh tones are also expected to make a statement in the coming season. Browns, beiges, caramels, and tans—essentially, any skin color—were widely popular at fall 2020 fashion shows this year. Designers such as Bottega Veneta, Balmain, and Fendi all feature skin tones in their collections. Whether you’re in the market for a cocktail dress or a blazer, choosing clothing in a flesh tone will ensure your outfit is in-vogue.

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The Biggest Fashion Trends 2020

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