The Different Types of Activewear Fabric

The Different Types of Activewear Fabric

To have the best and most enjoyable workouts, you need to choose your exercise attire carefully. Quality athletic wear should be flexible, durable, moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight. Fortunately, several different types of activewear fabric check all of these boxes. To learn more about some of the best types of fabric to wear while exercising, continue reading.


Spandex is ideal for people who require an unrestricted range of motion while they’re exercising. This flexible material can stretch hundreds of times its size without losing its shape or becoming stretched out. When you wear spandex while exercising, you’ll be free to move however you want without restriction. In addition to being incredibly stretchy, spandex is also very breathable, wicking away moisture to keep you comfortable throughout your entire exercise regime.


Another common material used in activewear clothing is polyester—and for good reason. Polyester is extremely durable, lightweight, breathable, and nonabsorbent. Essentially, it has all the qualities you would want in your workout attire. As a bonus, polyester also repels harmful UV rays, so it’s ideal for people who enjoy working out outside.


Nylon’s moisture-wicking qualities make the fabric a great option for workout attire. Nylon draws moisture from your skin to the surface of the fabric, where the moisture dries quickly. As such, it can stand up to even the most intense workouts. In addition, nylon is also incredibly soft and stretchy, which means you’ll be comfortable as well as dry.


Many people don’t know that the plant known for being a panda’s favorite snack can also be turned into incredible workout attire. Bamboo can be pulped and processed into a soft, antimicrobial material that’s perfect for working out in. Bamboo fabric is also very durable, and it repel odors and has moisture-wicking properties. Like polyester, bamboo can also protect your skin from UV rays; it has an impressive UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50+.

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