The Different Types of Fashion Styles

The Different Types of Fashion Styles

Clothing is more than just pieces of fabric that you wear on your body—it is a means of powerful self-expression. It allows you to present yourself to the world and give insight into who you are without saying a word. Finding a style that is uniquely suited to your individual tastes can help you feel more confident, more comfortable, and more you. As such, it’s important to take the time to home in your personal style and find a look that embodies your unique personality. If you’re still searching for the perfect look, consider this guide to the many different types of fashion styles. It’ll help you narrow down your ideal style and feel as empowered as possible.


The bohemian style is favored by free-spirits across the globe. Often, it incorporates hippie, alternative, and of course, bohemian influences. When crafting a bohemian wardrobe, try to stick to neutral, earthy color schemes and flowy clothing made from natural fabrics such as cottons, silks, denim, and hemp. While this style is very natural, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints and attention-grabbing accessories.


Preppy style has been popularized by prep school students, country club attendants, and golfers alike. Clothes commonly associated with the preppy style include polos layered under cable-knit sweaters, khakis, structured blazers, feminine blouses, bright-colored pants, and A-line skirts. As for accessories, headbands and glasses are a must. While a more luxurious crowd typically sports this look, it isn’t all that expensive to pull off—don’t worry, we won’t tell.


If you’re a creative soul that loves to experiment with various clothing styles, an artsy look might be perfect for you. Someone who embodies the unconventional artsy style aims to make a statement with their clothing. They seek out bold and colorful pieces and stay away from traditional items. Because there are no rules for what someone with an artsy style should or shouldn’t wear, the wearer is free to fully express themselves and be as experimental as they want.


Those with an edgier side will enjoy sporting the grunge style of clothing. When implementing the grunge style, consider stocking your wardrobe with torn, worn-looking clothing with a baggy fit. The messier the better. Grunge style staples include leather jackets, beanies, flannel shirts, ripped denim, combat boots, and band t-shirts.


Let your rebellious side shine through into your style by adhering to the punk aesthetic. Punk clothing is favored by rebels and rule-breakers alike. While your hair may be bright and colorful, punk clothing is traditionally dark and typically black. Hallmarks of the punk look include fishnet stockings, leather jackets, studded vests, and skater skirts.


The trendy style knows no bounds. This fashion style is constantly evolving and changing with the times, depending on the season’s latest and greatest trends. Those who implement a trendy style are always staying up-to-date on the latest in fashion and are accustomed to reinventing their wardrobe as the seasons change. While not the most economically-efficient style to follow, this style is favored by those who like to change things up and are bold enough to experiment with daring trends.


Vintage style refers to clothing that emulates styles popularized in a previous era. Because fashion trends tend to be cyclical, one could argue that most styles on this list are vintage in some form—and you would be right. What differentiates the vintage style, however, is that while it can refer to any past decade, it typically pulls looks from between the 1920s and 1970s. When adhering to a vintage style consider implementing best-loved trends of the past, such as pinup clothing, flapper dresses, circle skirts, wide-leg trousers, and petticoats, into your wardrobe.


Feminine style is characterized by pastel colors, lace, flounces, bows, and florals. If you decide to adhere to this style of dress, you’ll likely find yourself wearing flattering feminine silhouettes such as A-line dresses or cinched waistcoats. Those who enjoy dressing up and wearing lots of dresses and skirts, or, on more casual days, a nice blouse with fitted jeans will greatly enjoy trying out the feminine style.


Opposite to the feminine style of dress, the tomboy style avoids overly-girly pieces in favor of a more masculine or gender-neutral wardrobe. Clothing items that are commonly worn include loose-fitting trousers and jeans, oversized blazers, collared shirts, suits, baggy shirts, and slouchy cardigans.

Girl next door

The girl next door isn’t just a classic movie trope; it has become a fashion style all on its own. Characterized by casual clothing, this classic style is generally unassuming, simple, and sweet. You won’t see the girl next door wearing excessively bold or attention-grabbing pieces. Instead, you’ll find her closet full of tennis shoes, simple t-shirts, classic denim shorts, as well as other timeless and casual style staples.


The sporty or athleisure style is becoming increasingly common, and for good reason. Not only is activewear effortlessly fashionable, it’s also one of the most comfortable styles of clothing you can wear. Those who sport this fashion trend can typically be found in trendy sportswear articles such as tank tops, jerseys, sweatshirts, yoga pants, and other gym-ready clothing items. Such articles are usually made from breathable, stretchy fabric that is comfortable enough to exercise in and cute enough to wear to various occasions.

When developing your fashion style, you don’t have to stick to any single look on this list. Feel free to switch up your style depending on how you’re feeling that day, or mix and match elements from different styles to create looks that make you feel comfortable and confident. You could even become an innovative trendsetter by inventing a style that is completely your own. Whatever you envision your ideal personal style to be, Cozi Bear Boutique wants to help make it a reality. We offer a wide selection of hand-picked clothing options—from trendy skirts to classic activewear staples—to help you craft the perfect wardrobe. Best of all, it’ll allow you the freedom to be confidently yourself.

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