The Different Types of Shorts for Women

The Different Types of Shorts for Women

Shorts are comfortable, breathable, bold, and, of course, stylish. However, some people have yet to appreciate the many amazing qualities of this piece of clothing. If you’re someone that doesn't enjoy wearing shorts, you may just not have found the right style yet. There are so many different types of shorts to choose from that it’s almost impossible not to find one that will look amazing on your beautiful figure. So, whether you’re packing for a spring break trip or prepping your wardrobe for summer a little early this year—we don’t blame you—here are some of the different types of shorts for women to consider trying.

Cut-Off Shorts

If you aren’t afraid of showing some skin and enjoy sporting a more casual look, cut-off shorts are a great option. Cut-off shorts refer to shorts that have been—or at least look like they’ve been—literally cut off from a pair of pants. In many cases, cut-off shorts are frayed at the bottom and are more on the short side, typically ending at the top half of one’s thigh.

Bermuda Shorts

Those who want to enjoy the comfort of shorts while maintaining a more modest appearance will love Bermuda shorts. These semi-casual shorts end around an inch or so above the knee and often feature a cuff at the hem. 

Boyfriend Shorts

Don’t want to wear something as revealing as cut-off shorts but want something with a little less coverage than Bermuda shorts? We have the solution for you: boyfriend shorts! Boyfriend shorts refer to shorts that generally extend to the middle of one’s thigh and have a loose, relaxed fit. They’re often made from denim and are oversized with a few rips and tears to create a more rugged look.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are a trendy style of short that have recently skyrocketed in popularity. Made from an elastic material that’s tightly fitted and extends to one’s mid-to-lower thigh, these shorts are extremely comfortable and fashionable.

Previously worn by committed cyclists during their workouts or competitions, these spandex shorts have become a mainstream fashion statement. Those who choose to sport this sporty article of clothing will enjoy the comfort and support their thick, stretchy fabric has to offer.


Are they a skirt? Are they shorts? We’re not sure. Are they absolutely adorable? Definitely!

If you want to enjoy the comfort and coverage of shorts and the appearance of a skirt, we urge you to give skorts a try. For those that don’t know, a skort is a fabulous combination of a skirt and shorts that essentially features a pair of shorts with a flap across the front and, in some cases, the back as well. 

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