The Essential Pieces of a Spring Wardrobe

The Essential Pieces of a Spring Wardrobe

Spring can be a challenging season in terms of fashion. One day it’s warm and sunny, and the next, it’s cold and rainy. The constant weather changes may leave you confused on how to put together a “spring outfit.” If the process of deciding what to wear during the spring season often causes you to stare aimlessly at your closet for way too long, the issue could simply be that a few key players are missing from your wardrobe. Each year, there are certain spring staples that return to serve as the basis of countless chic outfits. To start looking your best during this unpredictable season, here are some essential pieces of a spring wardrobe that you should consider investing in.


Pieces that you can easily take on and off are the perfect defense against unpredictable weather. If you’re not sure how the weather will evolve throughout the day, a cardigan is the perfect piece to throw on. Whether you opt for a trendy cropped cardigan or get cozy in an oversized piece, you really can’t go wrong with this choice. To instill your look with the essence of spring, consider opting for a cardigan in a fun pastel shade such as lavender, mint, canary yellow, or robin’s egg blue. 

Flowy Dresses

While biting winter weather may have prevented you from wearing dresses for the past few months, those days are now gone. As the weather starts to warm up, your fun, flowy dresses can come out of hibernation and step into the spotlight. To fully embrace the season of blooms and blossoms, consider opting for a dress with a nice floral pattern.

Tights and High-Socks

While spring weather is warmer, there are still some chilly days ahead until summer graces us with its warm rays. To wear some of the shorter pieces in your wardrobe during the spring without sporting goosebumps all over your legs, add some tights and high-socks to your wardrobe. Such articles can provide a bit of extra warmth to dresses and shorts while also adding an extra element of style to your look. When fashion meets function, you know a clothing article will be a winner. 


Another essential piece of a spring wardrobe is capris. Cropped jeans or pants are a great option for those days when you’re not sure if you should reach for a pair of pants or shorts. Typically, lighter-colored jean capris tend to be more popular during the spring season. You could even consider sporting a pair of pants in white or a pastel shade if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous. 

A Versatile Jean Jacket

If there is one article of clothing that you need in your spring wardrobe, it’s a jean jacket. This springtime staple remains in style year after year and serves as the perfect replacement for a heavy winter coat. While still providing a good amount of warmth, jean jackets aren’t nearly as bulky as your trusty parka and, thus, act as an ideal transitional piece. To rock a denim jacket this spring, make sure to find one that suits your unique style. Trust us—there is a jean jacket for everyone. If you’re not into a classic blue jean look, embrace your bold fashion sense with a cropped or brightly-colored jacket. 

A Chic Trench Coat

For days when you need a more formal outerwear option than a casual denim jacket, a trench coat will come in handy. Trench coats instantly give your outfit an air of elegance and class. Plus, the longer length of the jacket will keep your legs warmer on chilly days.


Longer skirts that flow just below the knee are particularly popular during the spring season. These skirts make it easy to put together effortlessly chic outfits that look like they required more work than you put in. Simply pair a midi-skirt with a T-shirt, jean jacket, a pair of sneakers, and voila—you’re all set. If you’re looking to create a more polished look, consider pairing the midi-skirt with a trench coat, flats, and a nice tank top. The possibilities are endless. 

A Neutral Tee

Did we mention that the weather is pretty unpredictable during the spring? To make sure you’re able to peel off a layer if the cold, rainy day suddenly turns into a warm and sunny one, a neutral T-shirt will be your best friend. A T-shirt in white, black, brown, tan, or any other neutral color will go with almost any outfit. You can layer it under thin-strapped dresses, pair it with jeans, or layer it under a cardigan. The possibilities really are endless when you have this simple yet extremely versatile item in your spring wardrobe.

A Classic Button Down

A classic button-down shirt is an essential piece to have in your wardrobe during any season of the year—including spring. Button-down shirts look great popping out from beneath cardigans or sweaters. However, button-downs also look amazing on their own and serve to give your outfit a classy, academic look.


Spring is the rainiest season of the year. Because heels and slippery wet surfaces don’t exactly make for the safest combination, having a couple of pairs of quality flats in your wardrobe is essential. Some of the most popular flat footwear options during the spring include oxfords, ballet flats, mules, and loafers. If you still want to create a bit of lift from your footwear without putting your ankles in danger, consider opting for a pair of espadrilles with a thick platform base.


Another practical and popular footwear option is a pair of sneakers. But not just any old pair of sneakers that you wear to the gym will do. You’ll need a stylish pair to help your outfits flourish this spring. In addition to wearing sneakers with casual outfits such as capris and a T-shirt, you can also wear them to dress-down flirty spring dresses.

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The Essential Pieces of a Spring Wardrobe
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