Tips for Styling Your Winter Outerwear

Tips for Styling Your Winter Outerwear

During the winter, it can be easy to fall into a bit of a style slump. After all, wearing the same winter coat every day can start to get old really quick. But let’s face it, outerwear can be expensive and investing in numerous different coats isn’t the most economical option. So, what can you do to avoid spending your winter wearing the same thing over and over again? Well, you can start by exploring these helpful tips for styling your winter outerwear.

Transform a Piece with Practical Accessories

While purchasing numerous winter coats may not be economical, purchasing a few hats, scarfs, and pairs of mittens is a lot more affordable. Accessories can completely change the look of a piece and are a lifesaver during the winter.

Want a playful and fun look? Try a bubblegum beanie and a matching pair of mittens. Want something a little more edgy? Pair your coat with a pair of faux leather combat boots and a black scarf. 

You’d be surprised at how many different looks you can create with a single outerwear piece and some accessories. Plus, mittens, scarfs, and hats are completely practical as they will help protect you from the bitter winter air. 

Try Peekaboo Sleeves

If it’s too cold to leave the front of your coat unzipped so that people can see your outfit underneath, another way to show off your style is with peekaboo sleeves. When wearing a long sleeve shirt, consider pulling the bottoms of the sleeves out from under your jacket—bonus points if you’re wearing a shirt in an eye-catching color. Doing so will add dimension to your look and provide a sneak peek of what your outfit looks like underneath your heavy coat while still allowing you to bundle up and stay warm.

Create Balance with Slim-Fitted Bottoms

In addition to avoiding boredom, another challenge that many people encounter when styling their winter outerwear is how to not look like a walking marshmallow. When wearing numerous layers and a puffy coat, it can be hard to avoid creating bulky outfits.

One way to help reduce the overall volume your outfit is by wearing slim-fitted boutique pants. Skinny jeans or even a pair of thick leggings will help balance out the bulkiness of a heavy coat and create a more well-proportioned look.

Belt Your Coats

Another tip for styling your winter outerwear is to belt your coat. Belting your coat won’t just help create a more flattering silhouette, it will also help give new life to your winter workhorse piece. Simply tighten a belt around the outside of your coat at your waist and you have a new and improved coat to add some needed variety for your winter wardrobe.

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