Tips for Wearing Oversized Clothing

Tips for Wearing Oversized Clothing

Oversized items are some of the most comfortable clothing articles to wear. Throwing on a large sweater or T-shirt can feel like walking around in a big, comfy blanket. However, if you aren’t careful, it can be easy to let large pieces consume your figure and make you look a little slovenly. If you want to enjoy the comfort of wearing oversized pieces while still looking chic and stylish, consider implementing these helpful tips for wearing oversized clothing.

Incorporate Some Structure Into Your Look

One of the best ways to create trendy, polished looks while wearing oversized pieces is by incorporating some structure into the outfit. Having at least one structured element within the outfit will help balance out the relaxed style of the oversized piece.

For example, a pair of tailored pants will help prevent your figure from being swallowed up completely by a baggy sweater or T-shirt. When wearing an oversized dress, you could even consider incorporating a structured hat or belt to help enhance your look and make your outfit appear more refined.

Create Balance With Fitted Pieces

Similar to incorporating structure into your look, you could also include at least one fitted piece when wearing oversized attire. Doing so will ensure that your figure stands out, and it will prevent you from looking like a walking pile of fabric. If you choose to wear an oversized coat, cardigan, or blazer, consider wearing a fitted top underneath and a pair of slim-fit pants. By striking a balance between oversized and fitted, you can create looks that appear effortlessly stylish.

Show a Bit of Skin

A great way to wear oversized clothing without completely losing your shape is by showing a bit of skin. Exposing some skin will provide a flattering contrast between the oversized piece and your body, which can actually have a slimming effect. If it is cold out or you aren’t comfortable wearing revealing clothing, don’t worry. You don’t need to show a lot of skin to achieve this effect. Letting your ankles or forearms show by rolling up your pants or sleeves can create an interesting dichotomy within your outfit. You can also try an off-the-shoulder sweater.

Tuck in Your Top

When wearing an oversized sweater, T-shirt, or blouse, consider tucking the top into the hem of your pants, shorts, or skirt. Doing so will help define your waistline and keep large pieces from making your figure look disproportionate. Plus, tucking in your top is a super simple way to add a bit more of that structure we mentioned earlier.

There are many different ways to tuck your top into your bottoms, depending on your style preference and outfit. A few of the different options include:

  • The French Tuck: Also known as the front tuck, the French tuck involves simply tucking a few inches of the front part of your top into the hem of your bottoms and leaving the back of the top out. This option is ideal for bulky, oversized sweaters and shirts.
  • The Half Tuck: Another popular way to tuck in a top is the half tuck. The half tuck involves tucking either the front left or right side of your shirt and leaving the rest out to create a stylish, asymmetrical look. This type of tuck is a popular option when wearing button-down shirts.
  • The Full Tuck: To achieve the full tuck, lightly tuck your shirt all the way around into the hem of your bottoms. Then, raise your arms above your head to untuck some of the fabric and achieve a comfortable, relaxed look. The full tuck is great for creating more polished and professional outfits.

Choose Intentionally Oversized Pieces

To find pieces that are oversized and still flattering, it is best to purchase pieces that are intentionally oversized. In other words, you should buy articles of clothing that were specifically designed to look oversized. Intentionally oversized pieces will be available in your true fit so you don’t have to size up. This deliberate design means the item will be larger in all the right places, and it isn’t overly baggy. As a result, the piece has a more flattering look than an article of clothing that you purchased a few sizes too big.

Don’t Stray Too Far From Your Size

Sometimes, you may find a piece that you think would look good oversized, but the item isn’t specifically designed as an oversized piece. In this case, it’s important not to size up too much. Purchasing a piece several sizes too large will often make you look like a child wearing their parent’s clothing. Generally, you should avoid purchasing clothing over three sizes larger than your true fit. Doing so will cause you to drown in your overly baggy clothing. One to three sizes larger than your true fit is the ideal range for purchasing oversized clothing.

Be Mindful of Texture

When wearing oversized clothing, it is crucial to be mindful of the texture of the piece. Clothing articles made of thick, chunky fabrics will have a bulkier look—especially when worn a size too big. When wearing oversized pieces in thicker fabrics, you will likely look larger than you really are. This makes it extra important to balance out your look with a few slim-fit pieces.

On the other end of the spectrum, light and silky fabrics aren’t always very flattering when worn oversized. While they don’t make you look bulky, they may give you an amorphous appearance. To avoid looking shapeless, consider adding definition to an oversized piece in a thin fabric by pairing it with a belt around your waist.

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Tips for Wearing Oversized Clothing
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