Tips for Wearing Shorts in the Fall

Tips for Wearing Shorts in the Fall

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and it's just about time to put your favorite pair of shorts into storage until next spring...or is it? While it may not seem possible to wear shorts during the fall without your legs turning into popsicles, where there is a will, there's a way. These tips for wearing shorts in the fall will help you stay warm and look stylish in your shorts this autumn.

Pair Shorts With a Pair of Tights

People wear tights under skirts all the time, so why should shorts be any different? Wearing a sheer pair of tights under your shorts to cover any exposed skin will ensure that your legs stay nice and toasty. Plus, a tights-and-shorts combo is unique and even a little edgy, which can spice up an outfit and expand your wardrobe’s potential. 

Leggings Can Provide Optimal Warmth

On especially chilly fall days, you may need a little more than a thin pair of tights to keep you warm. In that case, leggings are a fantastic option. Wearing a nice pair of boutique leggings under a loose pair of shorts will provide almost as much warmth as a regular pair of pants—but with all the fun of wearing your favorite shorts!

Slide on Some High Socks

Another great way to wear shorts without walking around in the cold with completely bare legs is by sliding on a pair of high socks. As long as the temperatures are still fairly mild, a pair of socks that go up to your knees or even your thighs will provide ample coverage.

Wear Tall Boots For Extra Coverage

Similar to high socks, a pair of tall boots will provide your legs with some extra coverage to limit their exposure to the cold. In addition, a pair of combat or riding boots will also give your look some major fall vibes to transition you gracefully into the new season. 

Top Your Outfit Off With A Long Cardigan

Another tip for wearing shorts in the fall without freezing your legs off is to wear a long cardigan. A cardigan that goes down to your knees or below will keep the tops of your legs warm if you’re sporting a shorter pair of shorts. 

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