Types of Stylish Outerwear You Should Own

Types of Stylish Outerwear You Should Own

Outerwear is necessary for all months of the year—from chilly summer nights to brisk winter mornings. The main purpose of outerwear may be to provide you warmth and protection from the elements. However, over the years, many stylish outerwear trends have emerged that combine fashion and function. Thanks to the many chic outerwear options, coats don’t cover up your style—they enhance it. To stay warm and look amazing during the colder days of the year, here are some of the many different types of stylish outerwear you should own.


Peacoats are a sophisticated outerwear staple that adds an element of elegance to any ensemble. These long coats are also extremely versatile. They are classy enough to wear over a fancy dress while also simultaneously casual enough to dress down with a pair of loafers and jeans. The relaxed fit of these coats makes them perfect for layering which allows them to suit a wide range of weather conditions. Plus, the wool material that these preppy-chic coats consist of will surely help keep you warm. You can choose between the classic camel-colored trench coat or make a bold statement in a bright red or plaid coat.

Puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are in vogue this year. Plus, they are also one of the warmest outerwear options around—perfect for those who live in snowy climates. Puffer jackets give you an effortless and sporty look while also appearing extremely fashionable. For extra warmth, choose a puffer jacket with a longer length. The next time you hit the slopes or engage in an impromptu snowball fight, you’ll be happy to have this warm outerwear option in your wardrobe.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are an ideal outerwear option during the Fall and Spring. If you live in a warmer climate, however, they can also be suitable for mild winter months—especially if you choose a denim jacket lined with a warm layer of fleece. Denim jackets can come cropped, distressed, dark washed, acid washed, studded, loose or fitted, depending on your style. With so many different options to choose from, there is surely a perfect denim jacket out there for you.

Bomber jackets

Flight crew members of the US air force originally wore bomber jackets. Today, thousands of stylish people from all walks of life sport them. Bomber jackets are loose-fitting jackets with an elastic waist and cuffs around the wrists. People typically wear them to complete casual outfits, but can also dress them up with a nice pair of heels and fitted pants.

Faux-fur jacket

Faux-fur jackets add an instant sense of luxury to your outfit. This bold outerwear option is perfect for people who want to make a statement with their style choices. For an especially eye-catching ensemble, choose a faux-fur jacket with a longer length. You could even consider opting for a jacket in a bright color such as yellow or pale pink. For a more subtle look, choose a cropped faux-fur jacket in a natural tone such as deep brown or tan.

Leather jacket

Leather jackets can transition from day to night in a snap. They look polished enough for the office while also being sleek enough to wear to a fun night out. Some of the most fashionable colors for leather jackets include brown, red, white, blue, tan, and, of course, black. This stylish staple is sure to remain in your closet for many years to come—not just because it is highly durable, but also because it is a classic piece that has remained in style for decades.

Chic vest

If you need something to help keep your core warm but don’t require the heaviness of a coat, make sure to stock your wardrobe with a stylish vest. Vests come in a wide variety of different options—from practical puffer vests to luxe faux-fur vests. These sleeveless staples are perfect for layering over fitted tunic tops or other long-sleeved shirts for an extra element of warmth and comfort.

Trench coat

For an outerwear staple that is pretty much guaranteed to never go out of style, look no further than the trench coat. Closely resembling the stylish peacoat, many know this timeless outerwear article for its stylish dual lined buttons and long length that typically extends below the knee. It’s perfect for keeping you warm. However, the trench coat typically contains lighter materials such as cotton or poplin rather than wool. As such, it is a great option for those who live in milder climates and don’t need the extra warmth that peacoats provide.

Rain jacket

Walking around in soaking wet clothes isn’t exactly the most comfortable or stylish fashion statement. To stay dry, everyone should own a practical rain jacket. Thanks to the waterproof material, the rain will roll right off your shoulders in even the heaviest of downpours. For optimal protection, we suggest choosing a rain jacket with a hood to ensure your hairstyle survives. But rain jackets aren’t purely practical. They can also be incredibly stylish and come in pretty much any color you can imagine–from bright blues to classic black.


A parka is the ultimate cold-weather outerwear item. These heavy-duty coats can stand up against the coldest winter days. Their fur-lined hoods are perfect for keeping your ears warm while their windproof material will protect you from even the highest of windchills. In addition, their longer length which often extends to one’s thigh—sometimes even to the knee—helps keep you as warm as possible. Designed to wear in harsh environments, parkas are often waterproof or highly water-resistant.

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