Ways To Wear Florals for Autumn

Ways To Wear Florals for Autumn

When thinking about wearing floral prints, the blossoming season of spring likely comes to mind. However, while florals may traditionally be a springtime print, there is no reason to let tradition dictate your fashion choices. If you want to wear your favorite flowery print during the fall, go right on ahead—we completely support you. In fact, we’ve gathered some of our favorite tips on what we consider to be the best ways to wear florals for autumn to help you out.

Pair the Print With a Classic Autumn Staple Piece

A great way to wear florals in the fall without looking like you’re confused about the order of the seasons is by pairing the blossoming print with a faux leather jacket. Leather jackets are a classic fall staple piece. Pairing your floral with an item that is undeniably indicative of autumn will help balance out the springtime vibes of the print.

Opt for An Autumnal Color Scheme

Not all flowers come in shades of bright pink, yellow, and purple. Rather than wearing pastel florals that are reminiscent of the springtime, consider opting for florals in a more autumnal color scheme. Choosing a floral piece that has darker, more muted colors such as burgundy, mustard, or forest green will create a look that is more suited to the fall season.

Select Pieces With Fall Flowers

Spring isn’t the only season when flowers bloom. There are plenty of stunning flowers that choose to open themselves up to the world during the fall season. Rather than selecting floral prints with flowers that bloom in the spring, such as tulips and daffodils, consider choosing a print that features fall flowers like chrysanthemums, asters, celosias, or dianthus. Choosing fall blooms will help your floral printed piece blend seamlessly into your autumn wardrobe.

Choose Heavier Fabrics

The springtime is known for light, flowy fabrics as temperatures begin to climb. However, in the fall, when everyone is bracing themselves for the cooler months that lie ahead, heavier fabrics are much more common. As such, choosing a floral-printed piece in a thicker, more substantial fabric will make your outfit more suitable to the current season.

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