What To Pair With Your Favorite Tunic Top

What To Pair With Your Favorite Tunic Top

Tunic tops are flattering articles of clothing that pair well with a wide variety of pieces. Depending on the styling choices you make, you can incorporate tunics into outfits to create looks suited to nearly any occasion. If you need some outfit inspiration, these ideas for what to pair with your favorite tunic top will help you create numerous stylish looks with this classic and comfortable top.

Classic and Casual: Leggings and Flats

Tunics are incredibly comfortable. As such, one of the most popular ways to wear them is by embracing their comfort and pairing them with a set of leggings. When pairing legging with your tunic top, you may feel like you are getting away with wearing pajamas in public.

However, your outfit will appear intentional and stylish as the tightness of the leggings balances out the flowy top. To put the final touches on this cozy outfit, accessorize with a cute pair of flats that will complete your casual-chic vibe.

Polished and Professional: Skirt and Heels

Despite it being an inherently casual and comfortable piece, you can easily dress up a tunic can to create more polished and professional looks. To turn this relaxed article into a piece suitable for a more formal or professional environment, consider pairing it with a tailored pencil skirt. The structure of the skirt will offset the looseness of the top and make the outfit look more polished. Or, you could simply opt for a more fitted tunic top and forgo the belt.

To add even more definition and create a more streamlined look, secure a belt over the tunic near your waist or abdomen. Then, finish accessorizing with a nice pair of heels to tie the look together and give the outfit a more formal appearance.

Warm and Cozy: Lots of Layers

While flowy tunics are traditionally more suitable for moderate temperatures, they are also a great option for colder days—provided you style them accordingly. If you want to add extra warmth to a tunic, the key is to style it with a lot of layers.

Accessories such as scarfs and hats can add a lot of warmth to a tunic that has thinner material. Also, consider pairing the tunic with a longer cardigan or a pullover sweater that allows the lower part of the top to peek out at the bottom. Then, choose a pair of cold-weather boots such as booties or riding boots to tie your cozy look together.

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