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What to Wear With Your Leggings

Leggings are incredibly versatile outfit staples that are both comfortable and chic—especially as the athleisure trend becomes increasingly prominent. However, creating the perfect leggings ensemble that doesn’t make you look like you’re heading to the gym is tough. Don’t worry—we’re here to help. For stylish ideas on what to wear with your leggings, continue reading.

Tunic tops

Like peanut butter and jelly, tunic tops and leggings are the perfect pair. The long length of tunic tops provides a little more coverage over thin cotton leggings for those who prefer a more modest legging ensemble. Plus, their loose, flouncy silhouette pairs nicely with the skin-tight fit of leggings, creating a flattering balance. To find the perfect tunic tops for leggings, check out Cozi Bear Boutique’s wide array of fashionable styles.

Over-the-knee boots

Sky-high over-the-knee boots look incredible over form-fitting leggings. The tight fit of leggings allows them to easily tuck into boots without bunching up or appearing bulky. In addition to creating an effortlessly chic look, pairing leggings with over-the-knee boots also helps a little extra warmth over the thinner material on colder days.

Crop top and oversized jacket

Who says you can’t wear leggings and a crop top together? Combine two of your favorite style staples into one look by tying them together with an oversized jacket. Finishing your look off with a slouchy jacket will add some extra coverage to the skimpier pieces and create a chic look fit for celebs.

Long cardigan and booties

For a look that is effortless yet polished, pair your leggings with a long cardigan and booties. Similar to styling your leggings with a tunic top, a long cardigan will add more coverage over the skin-tight bottoms. Style aside, the combination of these two items is so comfy you’ll feel like you’re getting away with wearing pajamas—a definite bonus. To kick this cozy outfit up a notch, accessorize it with a nice pair of booties with a slight heel.

For high-quality clothing pieces to wear with your leggings, shop Cozi Bear Boutique’s extensive collection of on-trend styles. We also offer a wide range of different legging options to choose from, including faux-leather leggings, fleece-lined leggings, athletic leggings, and cotton leggings to choose from. Hand-picked by our style experts, all of our pieces are top-quality and always in vogue.

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